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First Visit

Your child’s first visit to the dentist is a big event and we want to make it as positive of an experience as we can for both parent and child.

In order to create the best possible environment, we encourage you to talk about the positive aspects of going to the dentist with your child beforehand. Your child may respond well to the idea that going to the dentist means they’re beginning to grow up. Going to the dentist also marks the beginning of new responsibilities and routines for your child.

We feel that parents play an important role in the success of a child’s first visit and strongly encourage you to be a part of the event. Children are highly responsive to what you’re feeling and experiencing and if you behave calmly and confidently, we believe your child will too. In order to make your child feel most secure and comfortable, parents are also invited to be in the room for the entire visit.

Dr. Kwon and his staff recognize that your child’s first visit to the dentist can be unfamiliar and intimidating, so we will take extra care in making in an enjoyable experience. Children will be rewarded with incentives for being brave during their first visit.

  • First visit? No worries.

  • Insurance questions? No problem.

  • Your little one, real little? We’ve got you covered.