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What We Do

During your child’s initial visit, the doctor will pay special attention to answering any questions you or your child might have about the dentist.

We encourage you to make a list of questions before the visit.  For parents of younger children these questions may be about dental care products for baby teeth and what is the best tooth ache remedy for an incoming molar. For parents of older children possible questions may include: which is the best dental mouthguard for a specific sport, which are the best TMJ mouth guards or splints, and what is the best toothpaste for gingivitis.

The doctor will then address any concerns or problems your child might be having and begin the examination. During the exam we will take digital x-rays of your child to look for cavities and monitor tooth development. He will then clean their teeth to remove stains and plaque deposits, inspect their bite, and make sure their gums look healthy.

Throughout the exam, the doctor and his staff will teach your child how to properly care for their teeth and prevent cavities. As always, we encourage parents to sit in during the exam so they can learn more about effective tooth care in order to reinforce positive habits in the home. A lifetime of healthy oral care begins in these initial visits and we depend on your help in promoting them.

After the exam, we will address any further questions you and your child might have and make sure your child leaves the office with a confident smile and excitement for their next visit.

  • First visit? No worries.

  • Insurance questions? No problem.

  • Your little one, real little? We’ve got you covered.